February 19, 2024 - 2:52pm -- bodner.1@osu.edu

Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse or partner can be a challenge. And when you need help, finding trustworthy, effective relationship support can be just as challenging. A new project from Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences healthy relationship education can help you build the relationship you desire.

"We have launched the Ohio Strong Couples project," said Rae Baker, MEd, Family and Consumer Sciences program specialist with the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), as a collaborative effort between the University of Illinois Extension and the Ohio State University Extension. With the launch of this project, support for building a stronger relationship is now freely available to couples throughout Ohio. This free online program for a healthy, stronger relationship is now freely available to couples throughout Ohio. So, whether you or maybe someone you know is wanting to build greater intimacy and connection with a partner, communicate more effectively, or protect a marriage from divorce, this program is available and offers flexible times to attend.

Ohio couples who are married, engaged, or have been living together for at least six months can enroll. The self-paced, six-session program is entirely online and uses the scientifically proven ePREP platform. The program is free to qualifying Ohio couples and includes support from trained program coaches affiliated with Ohio State University Extension.

Is the Strong Couples program right for you? To learn more and sign up for our free online six-session program, click here: go.osu.edu/strongcouples