Ohio and Guernsey County offer a variety of awards and opportunities. The links below contain information which will be helpful to 4-H members, parents, and volunteer leaders. Contact the Guernsey County Extension Office with any specific questions or problems.

4-H Member & Volunteer Handbook

2020 Guernsey County 4-H Member & Volunteer Handbook

Camp Opportunities

Guernsey County 4-H Camp Opportunities

Ohio 4-H Statewide Camp Opportunities

Piedmont 4-H Shooting Sports Camp

Club Organization Forms

Club Members' Insurance application forms:

special activities coverage

Club Information Sheet

Ohio 4-H Club/Affiliate Yearly Financial Summary

Ohio 4-H Club By-laws template

Ohio 4-H Club Charter Checklist

Ohio 4-H Club Constitution (fillable form) 

Ohio 4-H Club Equipment Inventory

Request for 4-H Membership Across County Lines 

County 4-H Award Applications

4-H Hall of Fame Nomination Form

4-H Special Arts Award Nomination Form

Friend of 4-H Nomination Form

Project Excellence Award Form

Dog Forms

Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Form 

Guernsey County Junior Fair

Click here for Junior Fair Documents


Livestock Forms and Resources

Guernsey County PAS Out of County Entry Packet

Equine Project Lease Information

Equine Registration through 4HOnline Help Sheet

Equine Registration Packet

Goat Project Resources:

Pack Goat Project Supplement

Harness Goat Project Supplement

Junior Fair Livestock Entry Forms

Junior Fair Livestock Forms, Rules & Resources

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Fact Sheet

Ohio 4-H Conference Information

Ohio 4-H Conference Registration Booklet

Ohio 4-H Conference Registration Form

Older Youth Opportunity Forms

2020 Opportunities for Older 4-H Youth Information Sheet

4-H Camp Counselor Application

4-H Fashion and Food Board Application

4-H State Camps Application Form

A-Team (Community Action Team) Membership Form - coming December 1st

A-Team Report Form

Junior Fair Board Application 

Ohio 4-H Achievement Record

Details/Instructions for completing 4-H Achievement Record Applications 

Eligibility Requirements/Completion Instructions for State Awards

Achievement Record Section Suggestions

Photo Page Helpful Hints

Creating Effective Achievement Awards

My 4-H Record

YAC Challenge information flyer

QA Resources

Guernsey County 2020 QA Test Study Guide 

PAS Show Information

Out of County PAS Show Packet - Guernsey County PAS Show

Royalty Applications

Click here for Junior Fair Royalty Documents


Guernsey County 4-H Scholarship Application 

Guernsey County Boer Goat Scholarship

Guernsey County Equine Scholarship Application

Guernsey County Jr. Fair Livestock Scholarship Application

Jim Smith Memorial Award

Junior Leader Scholarship Application

Ohio 4-H Scholarships

Ohio State Fair Scholarship Application

Skillathon Resources

          Skillathon Score Sheet sample


Still Project Judging Resources

Food & Nutrition - Place Setting Handout

Virtual 4-H Still Project Virtual Judging Help Sheet

Virtual Judging Sample Score Sheets

Virtual Clothing Project Sample Judging Sheet

Virtual Companion Animal Sample Judging Sheet

Virtual Food and Nutrition Project Sample Judging Sheet

Virtual Miscellaneous Project Sample Judging Sheet 

Virtual Writing Project Sample Judging Sheet

State 4-H Opportunities

National 4-H Dairy Conference

Ohio Township Association 4-H Local Government Award Program

Ohio State Junior Fair Board

Ohio Dairy Goat Conference

Ohio 4-H Conference registration information  &  registration form

State 4-H Achievement Awards

Volunteer Resources

4-H Club Community Service Project Grant Application

4-H Club Meeting Report Form (news reporter form)

4-H Newsletter Subscription Request Form

Activity Fee Form

New 4-H Volunteer Application Packet

Ohio 4-H Club of Distinction application form

Ohio 4-H Club Financial Summary Form (save to your computer, open from the saved location)

Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser Form -  sale postponed til later date

Project Book Order Form

Steps to Access and Host Zoom

Transportation Waiver and Permission to Transport form


YAC Challenge