by Violet Scott, Guernsey County Master Gardener

Hypertufa, heat growing days, companion plants, red thread in your lawn.  Do you know what any of the above has to do with gardening? Neither did I.  Master Gardener training addresses all of the above and much more.

 Are you like me? I resisted taking the training. “I can’t learn all those Latin names.” (You don’t have to.)  “I’m not smart enough.” (Yes, you are.)  “I don’t have time.” (Taught in manageable segments.)

 It is hands-on. No dumb questions, only the ones you don’t ask.  All ages, learn together, make new friends, field trips, garden tours, any of this interest you? 

 Meeting other gardeners, you and old and in between, you share ideas, knowledge, plants, and seeds. You get a chance to teach others, draw on your own experiences, gain new knowledge based on research and share your joy of growing and beautifying your yard, your community, and the earth.

 Just what is a Master Gardener?  This program was started in 1972 by Dr. David Gibby, a horticulture agent in the state of Washington.  He came up with the idea of using specially trained volunteers to help him answer the numerous questions he received regarding horticulture. The program spread to other states and came to Ohio in the 1970’s, but did not really spread until Cuyahoga County started the training in 1986.  Today 65 counties in Ohio have over 3,000 Master Gardener volunteers.  Guernsey County has 12 active volunteers and the program is growing. 

 So, do you have an interest in horticulture?  Do you like volunteering?  If you think you might be interested in the Master Gardener program, contact the OSU Extension Office at 489-5300.