Deer are indiscriminate grazers. They will eat a particular type of flower or vegetable, or strip new growth from one type of shrub ignoring the rest of the garden or landscape. Although deer-proof plants have not yet been discovered, the following list of plants may help to alleviate some deer problems. 

 Trees, Schrubs and Trees Flowers, Ferns, Herbs and Ground Covers

Clematis Lead Plant Ageratum Marguerite

Virginia Creeper Maple Algerian Ivy Marjoram

Current Natal plum Anemone Milkweed

Daphne Oak Bells of Ireland Mutlein Pink

Dusty Miller Oleander Black-eyed Susan Myrtle

Edible Fig Pomegranate Bleeding Heart Narcissus

English lavender Potentilla Calla Lily Naked Lady Lily

Euonymus Red-hot poker Canterbury bell Nodding Onion

Euryops Barberry Carpet bugle Oriental poppy

Douglas fir Redwood Chive Pasque flower

Goldenrod Rhododendron Chrysanthemum Pearly Everlasting

Hackberry Sweet gum Cone flower Peppermint

Hawthorn Walnut Coreopsis Rhubarb

Holly Wild Lilac Daffodils Rock Aster

Holly-grape Snowberry Daylily Sage, Fringed

Honeysuckle Spanish lavender English Ivy Salvia

Jasmine Spicebush Fescue grass Santolina

Jerusalem Cherry Blue spruce Daisy Fleabone Sea Pink

Juniper Star jasmine Foxglove Snowflake

Gaillardia Snow on the Mount

Grape Hyacinth Spearmint

Iceland Poppy Yellow Stonecrop

Iris Thyme

Lady Fern Yarrow

Lavender Yucca

Lily of the Nile Zinnia